I introduced the idea in the beginning of the lesson. It was met with bewildered silence.

It was a strategic skills lesson where we talked about one of the CAE Use of English tasks and how to tackle it.

The response I got in the Diaries was somewhat perplexing.

Now, this group consists of three English teachers, five school and two university students.

The teachers were mostly relevant and to the point – well, nothing i didn’t expect. However, even they thought I wanted praise!

My conclusion of the first try:

-the aim was misinterpreted – basically,my fault- Ss desided I wanted feedback on my work (which is one of the aims, of course)))

-there is a strong need for evaluation training – Ss are reluctant to assess. Hurting the teacher’s feelings, putting themselves in an uncomfortable position or wanting to please are the possible reasons.

-Ss, surprisingly, had problems with completing the WHAT I LEARNT column. Most of them had troubles remembering or  wrote things like “I learnt some new phrasal verbs” or “Grammar structures”, which leads me to the understanding that I was not successful in making them understand the aim of the lesson.