This idea has been in place after this post by Matthew and his brilliant way of dealing with feedback.

However, with a single teacher to observe it was not fully accomplishable (is there such a word?). So here is an alternative I came up with.

The procedure

  1. Have a teacher with a receptive skills lesson ready to be observed
  2. Observe the lesson.
  3. For FB have no less than 30 minutes afterwards.
  4. Cut out the cards from the worksheet. See that they are placed in order of logical sequence.
  5. Have the teacher take one at a time, explaining whether they have done it during he lesson, why these are good etc.
  6. If time allows, include other cards with the things the teacher might or should have done differently.
  7. Use concept check to follow up on those.

This way was used several times and the Ts found it much more relaxing, fun and at the same time productive.